The Ministry of Highways & Road Development is the apex organization in Sri Lanka for the Highways & Road Development sector. It is responsible for the formulation of policies, programmes and projects in regard to the subjects of Highways and all subjects that come under the purview of Departments and Statutory Institutions under the Ministry, over‐all National Policies that may be adopted by the Government to achieve the socio-economic development, mobility, connectivity and accessibility needs of the people of Sri Lanka.


  • Formulating national policies for highway sector in achieving national development goals
  • Providing high mobility among townships, efficient connectivity among economic centers and improving accessibility for rural areas
  • Maintain the road network in excellent standards to contribute sustainable development
  • Providing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for efficient traffic management
  • Investing on capacity enhancement of road sector to ensure high level service and user friendly roads
  • Invest in research and development for enhancement of the road sector
  • Enhance road safety measures for road users
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Hon. Lohan Ratwatte State Minister of Highways Development Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Mr. R. W. R. Pemasiri Secretary
Ministry of Roads and Highways
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Mrs. K.W.T.N. Amarathunga State Secretary
Ministry of Highways Development
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Responsible Officers Name
Additional Secretary (Administration) Mr. U.H.C. Priyantha (SLAS) (Special Grade)
Senior Assistant Secretary (Administration) Mr. W.L.D.N. Kumara (SLAS) (Class III)
Director(Project Management & Procurement) Mrs. N.S. Athukorala (SLAS) (Class I)
Assistant Secretary (Administration) Mr. Chanaka P. Welgama (SLAS) (Class III)
Assistant Secretary(Project Management & Procurement) Mr. E.N. Dayarathna (SLAS) (Class III)
Legal Officer Mrs. B.A.M.D. Basnayake
Administrative Officer Ms. R.C. Indika
Translator Mr. A.L.G. Indunil Manohara
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Responsible Officers Name
Chief Financial Officer Mr. J.K. Nilupul S. Perera (SLAcS) (Class I)
Chief Accountant Mrs. T.A.D.C.N. Weerakkody (SLAcS) (Class I)
Accountant (Projects) Mr. P.K.D.M. Gunasena (SLAcS) (Class I)
Accountant (Payments) Mrs. E.P.P. Maheshika(SLAcS) (Class III)
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Responsible Officers Name
Chief Internal Auditor Mrs. D.K.T. Samanmali (SLAcS) (Class I)
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Responsible Officers Name
Additional Secretary (Engineering) Eng. H.C.S. Gunatilake(SLES) (Special Grade)
Director (Engineering) Eng. D.M.K.S. Dissanayake(SLES) (Class I)
Assistant Director (Engineering) Eng. T.M.A.D. Samaraweera (SLES) (Class III)
Assistant Director (Engineering) Eng.(Ms). P.P. Jayasekara (SLES) (Class III)
Assistant Director (Engineering) Eng.(Ms). T.M.C.H. Manike (SLES) (Class III)
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Responsible Officers Name
Senior Programme Director(Planning & Monitoring) Mr. S.S. Mudalige(SLPS)(Special Grade)
Director(Planning & Monitoring) Mr. W.H.K.D.B. Rathnayake (SLPS) (Class I)
Assistant Director(Planning & Monitoring) Mrs. Mrs. Pushpani Amarathunga (SLPS) (Class III)
Assistant Director(Planning & Monitoring) Mrs. P.P. Hewapathirana(SLPS)(Class III)
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Responsible Officers Name
Additional Secretary (Development) Mr. B. Ranaweera (SLAS) (Special Grade)
Senior Assistant Secretary (Development) Mrs. M.D.Y. Dharmasekara (SLAS) (Class I)
Director (Maga Neguma) Mrs. I.M.P. Gunarathne (SLPS) (Class I)
Assistant Director (Maga Neguma) Ms. W. P. Kalyani (SLPS) (Class III)
Engineer (Maga Neguma) Eng. S.M.D.L. Senarathna (SLES) (Class III)
Accountant Mr. H.G.A. Samanthilake (SLAcS) (Contract)
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Responsible Officers Name
Procurement Consultant Mr. Gamini Rathnayaka
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